Auto Bending Machine Cabinet U-Shell Sheet Metal Forming Line From KCM

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As China Market Booming in the area of self-service Auto Vending Machine for selling Beverage, Cigarette and Fast Food etc…. via Mobile Phone Payment Transferring Condition, so Manufacturers in this kind of   machine's production need more fast productivity for improving processing efficiency.


And Sheet Metal Forming Line is similar with Refrigerator Cabinet U-Shell but increasing Robot Full Auto Picking Up for Releasing finished U-Shell finally and Detailed as following:

1--- Sheet Loading Station:   Cutting Size Sheet According to Exact Model.  

2--- Holes and Apertures Punching:   Because of Regular Designing from Customer for Vending Machine, and all Holes and Apertures are Series Products by the same, therefore Standard Punching Stations equipment in this line.

3--- 180 Degree Turnover:   Rotation Device for the purpose of   Changing Burrs Side inside to show Perfect Surface Quality. And this kind of Rotation Device can keep one Straight Line for saving Space .  

4--- Roller Forming Station :   After 180 Degree Turnover is Roller Forming for Special Profile Metal Forming.

5--- Z&L Bending Foaming Station:   Z for Folding before U-bending as Preparation and L shaping for Two End Sides Vertical Bending.

6--- U-Bending Station:   for Final Product Shaping Process

7--- Automatically Unloading Station:   with LG Robot system for full automatically to clamping finished U-Shell and then turning for Horizontal placing on another position stably.



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