Side Panel Metal Forming Line

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1--- Sheet Loading Station (Two Alternative Trolleys for Sheet Loading, while one is normally working then the other will be prepared for next sheet metal)


2--- According to customers'requests, the punching station will be functioned by ONE punching, TWO seperate punching or piercing units


3--- 180 Degree Turning Device will be operated for edge grinding after punching to ensure the high-quality surface of sheets


4--- Roller Forming will be machined for Special Profile Metal Forming after turning


5--- Then is Z&L Bending Foaming Station ( Z-shape is folded as preparation before U-bending and L-shape is for Two End Sides Vertical Bending)


6--- The next step is U-Bending for Final Product Processing

7--- The completed sheet metal will be automatically unloaded by Lifting Device, then pushing it out of U-bending position to Roller Conveyor for coming out.

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