CNC Aluminum Pipe Machine for Cabinet of Refrigerator

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Product Summary & Main Parameters:

This machine is especially for chest freezer inner liner to be covered by aluminum pipe evaporator that auto winding pipe around outside of inner liner.

It is made of uncoiling device, lifting straightening device, winding tube device, winding tube mould and electric controlling system components, etc.


General Technical Parameters:

1. Application of Pipe: Aluminum or Copper pipe, pipe diameter 7-9.5mm, wall thickness 0.75mm;
2. Application of the Aluminum Foils Width: 35-60mm, thickness 0.4-0.7mm
3. Work Piece Size Range: L(640-2200mm) x W(600-900mm) x D(420-650mm);
4. Take time of the production(Depends on the total length of coilers): ≤45s-300s(Approximately)
5. Capacitance: Around 15KVA(380V, 50Hz)
6. Color: Nominated by Part A or a color palette provided by Part A


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