Congratulations to Elite Household Appliances on obtaining the first set of Major equipment and the


In recent days, our company has passed the identification of the first major equipment and key components and application demonstration projects in our city by virtue of the "automatic punching machine for double-door refrigerators".

Since its establishment, in addition to operating batching production lines, packaging production lines, palletizing production lines and related supporting equipment, the company has been committed to the research of this project, and now according to our work experience and technical route,

According to the relevant technical requirements of national standards and industry specifications, and in line with the design principles of stable performance, reliable system, advanced technology and convenient application,

The test device is a specialized non-standard equipment which integrates compressor, environmental control, automatic detection, signal identification and processing, control and configuration, data acquisition, computer and programming technology.

It has good practicability, stability, reliability, aesthetics and convenient operation and maintenance.

The test device is suitable for the performance testing and scientific experimental research of medium and low pressure air compressor products. It can be used as the basic experimental platform for enterprise product research and development test and demonstration, and can also be used as a test means for scientific research and teaching.

The level of test equipment is leading in the same industry in China.