Warm congratulations to our company on winning the certification of high-tech enterprises in Anhui P


In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation, the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Finance, and the Municipal Bureau of State Taxation have organized expert evaluation,

After strict layer-by-layer examination, our company finally won the "Anhui High-tech Enterprise Certification".

"High-tech enterprise" is not only an honor, but also a kind of responsibility.

The state shall give certain tax concessions to high-tech enterprises and other policies to support and encourage the development of enterprises.

It plays a positive role in promoting the ability of independent innovation and building a national brand.

Since 2009, the company has always adhered to the road of "independent innovation, intelligent automatic integration" in line with the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise, service is the future of the enterprise" and "products are specialized, refined, special and new".

With solid work performance carefully create "KCM" this national brand!