Warmly congratulate our company on the adoption of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 en


Recently, two experts from Shanghai Noah testing and Certification Co., Ltd. came to our company to conduct on-site evaluation of our quality and environmental management system certification.

In the process of this review, the expert group carefully reviewed and reviewed the comprehensive management level of our company, the operation of the management system, as well as the field test site.

During the review period, the staff of all posts actively cooperate, the leaders of each department arranged in an orderly manner, and successfully completed the evaluation work on the same day.

After the careful examination of the expert group, our company's audit projects have reached the management system standards, successfully passed the quality management system certification.

The members of the expert group agreed that in the process of this audit, our company's materials were fully prepared, actively cooperated by the audit departments and relevant personnel, and highly valued the positive efforts made by our company's management system in the past.

Since obtaining the certification certificate of quality and environmental management system in 2015, our company has been actively exploring the work of enterprise management system, and strive to raise the work of enterprise management system to a new height.

In the future work, we should, as always, strictly implement quality, environmental management system and rules and regulations, carry out production operations in strict accordance with standards, continuously improve product quality, and provide high-quality products and services for the coal mining industry!